Sam HarlessI'm Sam Harless, and I thank you for your support in my successful campaign to be your State Representative in District 126. I will bring my years of business experience to tackle the issues facing our community. We all want strong public schools, a safe environment to work and raise a family, and free market principles to encourage job growth and a robust economy. I will work tirelessly to represent the interests of the people of District 126. Here's where I stand:

Build Our Community


  • I will work to fund an additional reservoir to reduce flooding in our community.
  • I will work to get Harris County the tools to reduce blight and clean up criminal elements in our community.
  • I will work to decrease the massive amount of regulations that burden our small businesses.
  • I will work to defend life and fight for religious liberties.

Protect Our Citizens


  • NRA-A-Rated.pngI will work to preserve our Second Amendment rights.
  • I will work to give law enforcement all the tools they need to protect themselves and our citizens.
  • I will work to secure our borders and to stop the entry of illegal aliens into our country.

Educate Our Children


  • I will work to maintain local control of our children's education.
  • I will support our Public Schools, fight for more equitable funding and reduce unfunded mandates.
  • I will work for fair pay for teachers and to increase contributions to retired teachers.