Fighting for a Better Texas

Sam was named “Most Powerful Freshman” in the Texas House for delivering results and leading on the issues that matter most to his district.

Lower Taxes

  • Passed a Constitutional Amendment that bans a state income tax
  • Passed a bill that cut property taxes by $5 billion dollars and requires voter approval before tax rates can be imposed in the future

Jobs and the Economy

  • Cut regulations on small businesses


  • Passed legislation to end surprise medical billing by ensuring patients know the costs of medical services in advance
  • Increased funding for women’s healthcare, providing lower-income women increased access to cancer screenings and mammograms
  • Passed a bill that improves access to medication for children

Public Education

  • Stood up for retired teachers by adding over $500 million to the teacher retirement fund
  • Increased public education funding by $5 billion

Human Trafficking

  • Passed a bill that protects women and children by instituting mandatory jail time for human and sex trafficking

Law Enforcement

  • Eliminated the rape kit backlog and gave law enforcement the tools they need to prosecute sexual assault crimes